Connolly’s Neuropoltics

William Connolly
Neuropolitics: Thinking, Culture, Speed
Area: Digital Media

• This study explores the intersections of thinking, technique, ethical judgment, cultural pluralism, sped, and cosmopolitanism
• Neuropolitics: the politics through which cultural life mixes into the composition of body/brain process. And vice versa.
Chapter One: The Body/Brain/Culture Network
• What role does affective memory play in the movement of thought judgment?
• Pursue conversations between cultural theory and neuroscience
4: “It is not whether practitioners committed to different regulative ideals of knowledge come to terms with anomalies, small fluctuations with big effects, and limits to the human ability to specify initial conditions precisely, but how they do.”
Chapter 5: Memory Traces, Mystical States, and Deep Pluralism
• Experiences of trauma produce the effects of memory trace
o “Triggering event”
• Memory traces are virtual—they are real without being actual
• Intensive memory traces across generations: the religious experience (William James)
121: “A trace, let us say, is enough like a thought to affect linguistically sophisticated thoughts and judgments, and not enough like a thought to be susceptible to direct inspection. A trace is a memory fragment that does not take the form of an explicit recollection. Because it is both fast in its arrival and fragmentary in its shape, it cannot be recollected in itself, even after psychoanalysis, although it can be interpreted through psychoanalysis.”
123: “The idea, then, is to bracket Freud’s presumption of the inheritance of primordial memory traces without closing the door to revisiting it. At the same time, I retain the idea of memory traces intersubjectively created and layered into corporeo-cultural life across historical time.”


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